October 16, 2021

Oliver Springs, a quaint community nestled in the valley beneath Walden Ridge, was established in 1821 as a coal mining town of Winters Gap and has a varied history.  With the 20th century the railroad came to our valley and brought with it dignitaries and celebrities to enjoy the elegant Oliver Springs Hotel and many natural springs that inspired our name.  When the mining phased out in the 1960’s the scenic hills and valleys remained.  As technology has allowed nearby Oak Ridge to grow, our rich heritage has allowed us to remain a gateway to a simpler way of life.  We were the location for the filming of the 1998 movie October Sky, ​hence the name October Sky Festival, and home of Country Fresh Foods and Confections, makers of nationally known Pamela Anne’s Fudge. Our newest endeavor is the restoration of the Abston/Daugherty Garage which is the home of the Oliver Springs Historical Society Museum. This town was home to Joseph Estabrook, 5th President of the University of Tennessee, the family of Senator of Howard H. Baker, Philanthropist Bromma Pemberton and entertainers Johnny Duncan, Levi Kreis and Janelle Arthur. The October Sky Festival is a celebration of our heritage.